March 28, 2010


Once again I shamelessly share the cutie-patootie-ness of my littlest. There's a recipe at the bottom, too!

The nursery folk at church blow bubbles for the kiddos on Sunday mornings. She really likes much that she made up her own "bubbles"!

Hey -- she's in the kitchen, right? Oh, and her hair's pulled back in a low ponytail.

We'll be getting ours out when it warms up a bit more and we can go outside to enjoy them! Here's my bubble recipe:


2/3 cup dish soap (Joy is what was suggested years ago and I haven't tried anything else.)
1 gallon water
3 T glycerin (Found at the pharmacy. Glycerin thickens the bubble solution. You could try sugar or corn syrup)

Mix up the ingredients and have at it!

1 comment:

Hatushili said...

Bubbles pretty much rock, eh?

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