March 3, 2010

May I have the envelope please?

Oh, wait. What? We're not at Oscar's? I'm not in a beautiful Vera Wang on stage handing out an Oscar for best actor? Shoot! I guess me in my jammies and this post will have to do then, huh? ; )

The winner is...

Danielle M.!!!!

Congrats Danielle!! I will be in touch with you soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and leaves comments on FaceBook and on the blog! You guys rock!! : )

BTW...To get the winner I only use the responsible accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche. Huh? Oh wait...sorry Oscar moment again. Anywho...I assign each entry a number, I go to and type in the number of entries, it gives me a random number and that's the winner!


Danielle said...

woohoo!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oscar moment..precious. You are too funny! Jeni Chaffin

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