March 22, 2010

Ranch Cheddar Chicken

I bought a lot of split chicken breasts a few weeks ago that were super cheap and put them in the fridge. I had my husband (aka Hubster, not-the-Hubster...hehe) grill some the other day and to get them thoroughly cooked they had to, let's say. So I'm thinking grilling these puppies is not a great idea. I dug up this recipe that I haven't used in a long time and it's a hit!

Ranch Cheddar Chicken

8 chicken breasts (split with skin removed or boneless)
1 cup ranch dressing
2 T flour
1/2 c. cheddar cheese

Combine ranch, flour, and cheddar cheese and spread on top of the chicken. Bake at 375 degrees covered with aluminum foil for 10 minutes. Remove aluminum foil, bake for 25 minutes. Check for doneness.


*drawing from


Anonymous said...

I saw your blog on the FB . I also realized that about grilling chicken , so I would boil it for a little bit first , then grill and baste w/ barbecue sauce , etc.

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Hmm...boiling then grilling. I would have never thought of it! I'll have to give it a try! : )

oneal716 said...

I found your website off of Facebook and I made this tonight! It was so good and the family enjoyed it too! Thanks!!

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