March 7, 2010

Wordless Sunday...not really

O.K. I've gone from "From My Kitchen Window" to " Wordless Sunday". I like the idea of having the day off of blogging and just sharing a picture or two with you. I like the idea of sharing a picture of something from my window or in the kitchen in general. But I have nothing.



But, I have a good reason. Really. This week was crazy! We had a Missionary Conference -- something going on three nights in a row for that. We had what I call Wacky Wednesday -- the day of the week in which I run hither and yon taking various kiddos to piano lessons and dance while Hubster takes some kiddos with him to Wed. night Bible club). Thursday we decided to drive 2 hours south of us to buy a used camper with our income tax return. We haven't camped in ages. We sold our pop up camper about 3 years ago when we outgrew it. The words "large family" and "pop-up camper" do not belong together in a sentence! We've been looking and searching and we found one that sleeps all ten of us and was in our budget! BONUS!! So...we got that Thursday and got back very late that night. Friday was our 6 year old's birthday so we celebrated that. Friday night a child decided to get ill...right as I was going to bed. Can you say "EEWWW!!". It was not fun -- AT ALL!! Then today (Saturday) I started on loads of laundry, cleaned out the camper (mostly, was pretty eewww, too!), and now I'm blogging about our crazy week.

I have no new picture that I took that would sum up the kitchen or anything. We had left over pizza for lunch and what I had planned for dinner got changed into chicken patty sandwiches, chips and carrots. *sigh* I'm so stinkin' tired I don't know which way is up! I hope I'm not catching what my little dude has.

So this is what I got...keeping in tradition of what I've been's a picture for ya'll!

This is a Moosebird. Years ago camping with the kiddos we made up this ficticious animal. Kind of like a Jackalope. When out hiking with the kiddos Hubster trailed off and made this weird, deep squawking sound. We told the kiddos it was a Moosebird. Beforehand he made this picture and when getting our camping permit pretended to get it from the camping office. They took it hook, line, and sinker! The older few are onto our game but they like playing along. The younger ones even try to look for it. We love the Moosebird! He's so much fun! Watch out Bald Eagle...there's a new National Bird!

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