April 30, 2010

Homemade Crackers

I haven't tried these yet but have a few friends who have and they love them. I have a busy next couple of weeks. More birthday celebrations and the oldest three girlies have dance recital practices all next week with three performances. Then Mother's Day/2 year old birthday celebration here. I'll breath a sigh of relief when the next week is over! I plan on making these some time after crazy week!

I think I found a new favorite blog to read. Gumbo-Lily.blogspot.com Unlike myself, she actually made these! I was going to type it all out and since it's the beginning of a crazy week and then some and I have other posts that I want to share with you this week I'm going to send you over to her for the recipe here. Tell her Carmen at Old House Kitchen sent you!

*that's her pic by the way!!

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