May 30, 2010

Gooseberry Patch Preview Party

Thursday I had the privalege of hosting a preview party for Gooseberry Patch's new cookbook.
There were 7 of us total (not including Abby who stayed home while Daddy took the rest of the kiddos to DQ and the park).

The menu was:

Slow Cooker Mac-n-Cheese, Creamy Chicken Sandwiches (recipe forthcoming)
served with home made buns, corn on the cob,

Pioneer Beef Stew (again...recipe's coming), and

Southern Fried Apples with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the dishes.

I tried to make the theme a down-home country style meal. I used handkerchiefs in the napkin basket and made a country style table centerpiece with canning jars, handkerchiefs, candles and peonies.

We drank pink lemonade and sweet tea in canning jars -- super country!

I put slips of paper that had suggestions like "Share with us what book you are reading", or "Share with us your favorite meal you can't live without". We had some fun conversations!

GBP gave me a copy of the cookbook and a copy to give away. I gave away a few other little goodies so everyone had something to take home.

All in all I think we had a fun time!

1 comment:

Gooseberry Patch said...

Your party looks like it was a success! Menu sounds delicious and everyone looks like they're enjoying those bandanas! :)

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