May 2, 2010

More Birthdays!!!

We now have a teenager. Never mind the fact that he's been eating us out of house and home for over a year now. Never mind the fact that he has passed my shoe size and gaining on Nathan's for months. Never mind the fact that he's reached my height! He's 13!!! Where did the time go? He is such a sweet kid with a tender heart for others and a desire to serve the Lord. He's so good with the little kids and gets along swimmingly with the older ones. He's a good "daddy" to his chickens. When he goes out to visit them he hollers "Oh giiiiirrls..." and they come running. When he lets them out of their run they follow him around like puppies. Too cute! We love him so much! Happy 13th Birthday, Noah!! You are such a blessing!

My mom had a birthday this week, too. I won't share her wouldn't be polite, you know. My mom is my right-hand man (so to speak). She helps me with the laundry. Believe me, there are mountains of it some days! She helps the kiddos with their kitchen clean-up chores. I make the messes, er, I mean cook, and she helps clean up. She watches the kiddos whenever I need her to. She'll go shopping with me even though she hates to shop. She'll let me pick her hairstyle and what she wears. My mom and dad lived in Michigan (where I grew up). After my dad passed away from cancer almost 6 years ago my mom moved down here. She felt quite alone after dad passed and whenever she came down to visit she was much happier. So she bought a house about 2 miles from us. It worked out great, but it was a lot of work for her. When we knew our family was expanding with number 7 we also thought we were going to move to Omaha for hubby to take a pastor position. Mom sold her house and moved in with us. After Omaha fell through and hubby got a job a lot closer we sold our house and moved in to a larger one (the one in the pics in the blog header). We all have our moments but all in all we've had a lot of fun in our Old House so far!! ; ) Happy Birthday, Mom!! I hope we have many more years together!!

This is a picture of my mom and dad a few months before he passed away.

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