May 23, 2010

An Old House Visitor

We found this little guy hanging out on our doorstep the other morning. He's such a cutie patootie. The kiddos begged and pleaded to keep him.

He's probably about 4 weeks old and he missed his mama terribly. How he got up on the steps I have no idea but he couldn't get down. Hubby tried to coax him off with the broom handle but he snarled and bit at it. He may be cute but I had to remind the gang that he's also a wild animal.

We had a little impromptu raccoon lesson this morning. After informing them how much trouble raccoons can be they understood that we couldn't keep him. Thankfully the county Humane Society came out and took him on a little ride to an animal preserve.

I'm glad he's on his way to a meal and a new home, but I kinda miss his little cries and all the excitement he added to the day!

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