July 25, 2010

4-H Fun!

This week was 4-H judging.  (Just FYI, the 4 H's stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.)  It was a whirlwind couple of days let me tell you!  Making sure we had every paper, tag or label that we needed was a chore in and of itself!  The kiddos did very well...especially since it was their first year (except Noah, he entered his chickens about 5 years ago).

Hannah was awarded a Blue Ribbon for her Bananaberry Muffins!
(She would have had an Honor and Grand Champion ribbons had we remembered all the right paperwork.
Hannah was a very good sport about it.  We're chalking it up as learning for next year.)

Rebekah was awarded a Blue Ribbon for her Twisty Pretzels!

(Pardon the funky picture...my computer's giving me fits!)
Noah was awarded a red ribbon for his Color Print Poster.  
(We left off numbers that were supposed to be on there!  Again...learning for next year!)

Noah was awarded Blue, Honor, and Champion ribbons for his 
Lego Original Creation!

Hannah was awarded a Blue Ribbon for her 
Needlecraft Embroidered Bookmark!

Rebekah was awarded Blue, Honor, and Reserve Champion Ribbons for her 
Needlecraft Soft Sculpture Sock Monkey  "Patrick"!

- - -
We're very proud of our 4-H'ers.  They had great attitudes, were polite with other children and the judges, and soaked it all up to do better next year.  
You kiddos ROCK!!  We love you!!

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