July 24, 2010

Many Hands Make Light Work!

A few of you asked what chores my kiddos do.  I need to revamp this list because our youngest helper is 2 now and she loves to help, too.  This is one I wrote about a year and a half ago.  When I revamp it I'll post it but I know some of you need some help now. 

Here are a few things that might help you decipher this:  Their ages are in parenthesis.  I mark weeks on the calendar.  This week is week B, next week is week A, the following is B again, etc.  This list is chores that are done on Mondays (we usually make a mess on the weekends from just having fun, being busy or having guests) and Fridays (to get the house ready for any guests we may have).  So we call it the Monday/Friday Chart.  To get Week B on my chart I switch chores for Noah and Bekah, Hannah and Isaac Switch, and then Lydia and Eli switch.  (You should be able to enlarge it by clicking on it.)

 Here's their daily chore chart...again...it needs revamping.

 A few things to help you decipher this chart:  "librarian" means they tidy up the book shelf.  "diaper duty" means they refill the diaper basket, "game closet coordinator" means they make sure games and puzzles are put away where they should go, and "playroom supervisor" means they help the littler ones find things that need to be picked up when they are all cleaning the playroom.

Hope that helps ya'll.  Let me know if you have any questions!     : )

1 comment:

LLJ said...

I love your charts! We do Monday/Friday clean up too! I always say that it doesn't matter how clean the house is on Friday, by Sunday night it is a mess!
My daughter Lydia has gotten an overload it seems of the jobs lately. I like how you have divided them all up into doable jobs that really make a difference. thanks for sharing!

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