September 4, 2010

Amazing Caramel Corn

Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping
As far as I'm concerned once the calendar flips to September it's FALL!  I have all my decorations set out (well except for waiting on some pumpkins for outside).  Ever since a friend gave me this recipe years ago this has been a fall tradition in this house. It's a recipe passed on to me by a dear friend years ago. Once you have this caramel corn you'll never eat another pre-packaged caramel corn again...EVER!  Even the kind from the fair or carnival just doesn't cut it! Enjoy!

Carmel Corn

6 qt. popped corn
(You can use 3 microwave bags but I'm too
cheap so I pop it in a large covered pan on the stove.)

In a sauce pan melt and stir:
2 c. brown sugar
2 sticks butter (salted)
1/2 c. light corn syrup (I use store brand...remember I'm cheap?)
1/2 tsp. salt

Cook and stir occasionally over medium heat until it comes to a boil. Once it comes to a rolling boil keep it on medium and stir constantly for 5 minutes (keeps it from scorching). Remove from heat and add 1/2 tsp. baking soda and stir. Pour it over the corn (the bigger bowl to fold it in, the better!) and fold until coated.

Pour onto 2 cookie sheets with raised edges (don't grease them). Bake 200 degrees for an hour...important...gently flip over the caramel corn with a pancake flipper every 20 minutes.

Store in airtight container...assuming your family hasn't devoured it in an ours definitely can!


Karla said...

my recipe is pretty much the same as yours....tho i DO use microwave popcorn!

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Great minds think alike! LOL! : )

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