September 21, 2010

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Today's kitchen tip is an assortment of fun fall decorating ideas!  I found these while perusing another wonderful Gooseberry Patch cookbook:  Harvest Kitchen.

Need a clever place card?  Pull back the husks on ears of mini corn and use a bronze or gold paint pen to write the name of each guest along the husks.  Arrange one ear of corn in the center of each plate. 

Turn a hollowed-out apple into a mini vase...fill it with water, then add fresh leaves and bittersweet berries.

An apple, mini pumpkin or pear makes a cleaver napkin weight when dinner goes outside for an autumn picnic.

Here's a yummy cooking tip:
Toast buns slightly before adding shredded or sliced meat, or sausages or only takes a minute and makes such a tasty difference. 

1 comment:

Fitter After 50 said...

Very cool! I especially liked the outdoor napkin ideas. Some people are just downright creative. :)

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