October 31, 2010

Last Day for the Sale

I've written so much about this time management program ya'll are probably sick of it.  But I really feel the need to spread the word.  Amy, the author, wants to encourage all of us to use our God-given days wisely.  Since reading this plan it has helped me to see where I'm wasting time in my day and where I'm using it for the best.  You wouldn't believe all the things we as a family have accomplished since I've implemented this program.  And I'm not talking just work that has been accomplished.  We've found time for other fun things as well without stressing and squeezing them into our day. 

If you want to get a jump start before the holidays come you are going to want to order this now.  It's about a 20 minutes read and there are a few worksheets with instructions that help you along the way.  The sale price is $7.  After today (FIRST THING TOMORROW) it goes back to the regular prices of $9.  So snag it today while you can!

To order go to the side bar at the right and click on the smaller box that looks like this one.  
You won't be sorry!

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