October 14, 2010

Queen of the Castle: Week 41

For those of you playing along...(if you've just joined us you can get caught up a bit here) we are on week 41 of the book Queen of the Castle: 52 weeks of encouragement for the uninspired, domestically challenged or just plain tired homemaker.

Week 41 is titled "The Seasons Are Changing:  Homemaking in the Fall".  The author made me chuckle when she said "It's the time of year I feel especially domestic, as thought there's nothing I should be doing that's more important than simmering a stew or baking a pie. ...  Everything about the season makes me want to nest, to make my home cozy, to withdraw from the approaching cold and settle in for winter."  She hit the nail on the head for me!  : )

Planting bulbs is a great fall activity that reaps benefits in the spring!  Here are a few tips Lynn (the author) shares.  Plant bulbs pointy side up!  Plant bulbs three times as deep as the bulb is tall.  Wait to plant when the weather turns cool.  (I have a box of bulbs that I need to get in the ground!)

As the weather cools fireplaces are used more.  Lynne has some great fire safety tips!
Call a chimney sweep to have the fireplace cleaned.
You should have at least one easily accessible fire extinguisher.
Make sure you have at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home (don't forget to change the batteries!).  (Preferably one in each bedroom, six to twelve inches from the ceiling.)
Discuss fire safety with your family...if the door's hot, don't open it.  Crawl on the floor for clearer air.
Practice opening windows so they know how to get out.
Plan on an outside spot to meet in case of emergency exit.
Practice a fire drill when no one's expecting it.

I'll leave you with a few fun fall ideas that Lynn shares with readers...you know..because the fire safety thing was a bit of a downer...
Pull out candles to dine by.
Hike with your family on a woodsy trail.  Look for leaves to decorate with!
Make up beds with flannel sheets so everyone's nice and comfy.
Buy a jug of fresh apple cider from the market.
Pull out your slippers and curl up on the couch with a blanket, a good book, and a cozy fire!

- - -

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures."  Proverbs 24:3-4 NIV

- - -

Have you enjoyed going through this book so far?  Would you like to enjoy the entire thing? 
Or maybe give it to a friend for Christmas?  Click on the link below:


Fitter After 50 said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I can relate to the getting settled in for the winter you wrote about.

Mama Chocolate said...

I ran across your blog from the Raising Homemakers post today!
I love it! This Queen of the Castle thing looks really fun, too! I'll have to give it a go!
Stop by and visit sometime! :-)

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