November 23, 2010

Advent Garland

I'm so excited to share this craft with ya'll!  I made this a week or so ago when we were all a little under the weather.  I had lots of little helpers in the dining room...they were stamping their own goodies while I was making this.  It was (as a good friend says) "Big Fun"!  If you aren't feeling super crafty I have a set for sale over at my etsy site.

I bought two packs of small brown kraft bags at Michael's coupon!).

I cut the top of 25 bags with scalloped decorative scissors.
(I know some families start Advent right after Thanksgiving but we start 
Dec. 1st...that's just the way we've done it. If you want to start the last Sunday of November then adjust accordingly but if you purchase my set it will be with numbers 1 to 25.)

Then I punched 25  1 1/2 " red circles.  And 25 1 3/8" kraft cardstock circles.

Using four different types of background Christmas paper I cut 25 2" squares.

I stamped the numbers 1 through 25 in red ink on the kraft circles.  I mounted those in the center of the red circles. Then I mounted those in the center of the squares.  Make sure you alternate the background colors.

Then I folded the top scallop down about 3/4".  

Next I put seven of the same treats in each bag...but different treats for each day. (For us Dec. 1st might have seven Smarties, Dec. 2nd might have seven Hershey's Kisses, etc..)
(We have seven children...if you have two kiddos then use two treats.) 

Place a Scripture reading  slip in each bag (make sure you put the right number in the proper bag).
You can download mine and print below.
Advent Scripture Reading

Then hang a line of yarn or jute twine on windows.  I used my living room and office room windows. (They are connected rooms so I felt it flowed fine that way.)  That way they are out of reach of little hands but can still be seen!  Use clothes pins to hang the bags.  I used regular clothespins for this picture but I'll use mini clothespins when I can get to the store to get them.  They're much cuter that way. If you buy my set you'll get mini clothespins.

There you go! A fun and inexpensive way to celebrate the Advent!

Make this yourself or purchase it HERE!

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Cathy Tolbert said...

Thank you for the verses for the Advent Calendar! I don't have kids at home anymore, but I wanted to make an Advent Calendar for my husband and myself. I'm sure I could have looked up some verses by myself, but it's nice to print some out- numbered even!

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