December 8, 2010

Just Ask: The Homestead, etc.

Today I'll answer the next set of questions that was asked of me in the "Just Ask" post"Is that house yours? When did you start cooking?"
 (O.K.,so she asked more than one...)

Yep!  It's ours!  We bought it a few years ago with my mom.  She was weary of living alone (Dad passed away over 6 years ago and it was hard for her to live alone after 44 years of marriage. This year would have been their 50th anniversary.)  and we enjoyed her company.  Hubby was switching jobs and we were moving so we figured it would be more cost effective and time effective to live in the same home. This house was quite the find.  The previous owners moved and the company the husband worked for was relocating him so a relocation company bought it from the family.  It's a large home; a 4 bedroom, two bath with over 3,000 square feet of living space.  Apparently no one was in the market for such a home because it sat for a while.  We made an offer (with doubts they would accept it--the offer was quite a bit lower than the asking price) and they accepted!  What a blessing!  There's plenty of room for all of us!  We have about 3 acres with a garden, goats, chickens, and a cherry tree. It's a pre-Civil War Greek Revival farmhouse.  We don't know the exact year it was built because the county courthouse burned in the early 1900's, but with the help of a few historians and some of our own homework we've determined the approximate age.  We can't believe it's over 150 years old!  We hope to leave this homestead to our children some day!

Now on to the next question "When did I start cooking?" ... I remember making Doritoes with American cheese slices melted in the oven when I was little.  I thought I was big stuff! Ha!  I cooked a few meals when I was a teen.  Nothing fancy, though, unless you count fish sticks and Kraft mac-n-cheese fancy.  Our first week of marriage was interesting since Hubby decided he'd cook.  I tired of stir-fry and decided to put on my big girl apron and get to it.  I called his mom and grandmas a lot!  

This commenter also asked how old I was when we started having children.  Here's our story...We were high school sweethearts.  He graduated in 1991 and I in 1992.  We married the summer of 1994, right before his Senior year of college at University of Michigan and my Junior year at Eastern Michigan University.  We were young and I'm sure people wondered if we'd make it, but we didn't worry about what they thought.   We grew so close those first few years.  Our grades were better and we saved a lot more money living in our apartment and eating meals at home than living in the dorms and eating school food!  He graduated with a degree in History and worked full time at a power equipment dealership (lawn mowers and chain saws) while I finished my Elementary Ed. classes.  We moved to Maryland in 1996 for him to attend Capital Bible study to be a pastor.  The second week or so that we were there I was very sick.   We were puzzled, but not for long.  We were expecting our first baby!   I was student teaching through the University of Maryland and then graduated from EMU in December.  Noah was born April of '97 (I was 22).  Rebekah came along in December of '98.  We moved back to northern Indiana to be closer to family in Michigan the summer of '99.  (He transferred to Grace Seminary.)  Hannah came along August '00, Isaac in April '02, Lydia in March '04, Elijah in February '06, and Abigail in May '08 (just a few weeks after we moved into this house!).

There you have it!  Part of the story of us!

**I'll answer the rest of the questions soon!**

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