December 31, 2010

A New Year... set of goals, new hopes and dreams.  I wrote a list of goals at beginning of 2010.  Let's see how I did shall we?  I'll type my comments in italics.  Here we go (as I cover my eyes with one hand while looking at the list in fear!).

- pray for 5 people each day (That one was pretty easy.)
-complete each Bible study that comes in the e-mail (2 each week) --they're not don't
worry that I'm committing to too much ; )  (Sadly, that did not happen much longer than January...blech!)

- read through the New Testament  (We got about 1/3 of the way. *sigh*)
- love on the kids more and tell them that I love them more  (I think I'm doing better at being an encourager and random hugging!)

- encourage more, hug more  (I think I'm doing better here, too.)

- lose 10 pounds this year --  I know...that's what everyone says...but I really need to do it!  (Well that one didn't happen, but I didn't gain much so I guess I broke even? I plan to lose that 10 pounds this year!)
- get up each morning when Nathan does -- that's early, folks, but hey, it's good to have a goal!  (I do that one about 95% of the time!  Yahoo!)
- spend no more than an hour total on the computer (that means, FB, e-mail, looking up recipes, reading blogs, etc.)   ( didn't happen!  Due to a certain blog I started!  (a-hem)  But it's been worth it and I'm working my goals for that.)
- drink 8 glasses of water a day    (Easy one, right? Well...hmm...does chai count? LOL!  Maybe I'll start wtih a goal of 4 glasses.  Baby steps!)
-scrapbook at least once a month   (I may not have scrapbooked once a month, but I did go to a stamping club once a month!  That was something crafty!  This year I really do need to get my little guys' baby book done...he'll be five in February!)

Hmm...well I see I need to revisit some of my goals.  I don't think there's a need to re-write them. I think I was well on track with them the first time around.  Here's to a new year and "new" (refreshed?) goals!  Like I always say..."It's good to have a goal!"  *wink* help all of us stay on track I'm going to remind you of some systems that I have been using this year and some that I've implemented late in the game.  I'm going to revisit them as well this new year.

Have you bought your new 2011 Motivated Mom's planner yet?  It's super inexpensive and well worth the small amount of money (we're talking less than two lattes!).  You have a variety of options for ordering...8 1/2 x 11...w/ Scripture Reading...1/2 size...1/2 size w/ Scripture Reading...Page per Day...1/2 size Page per Day...Page per Day w/ Scripture...1/2 size Page per Day w/ Scripture!  Lot's of options!!   (I have the 8 1/2 x 11 pictured here.)

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Also...Amy's Tell Your Time program is super inexpensive (oh, let's say less than three lattes *wink*) and very much worth it!!  Read her printout and make a few charts to see where you spend your time, what your goals are, what's important to you, and plot away at how and when you will spend your time in those worthwhile areas.  I would say it's easy to read the printouts, chart, and get started on rearranging your time for those important things in less than 2 hours!  (Psst...I have a testimonial on there...if I'm willing to slap my name on it then you know it's something I believe in!)

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Anonymous said...

I am a list maker so I did purchase the Motivated Mom. I love it! I work outside the home so when I get up I do some of the things on my daily list. When I come home I do the special things for each day. I love love it! And I found it here and I have made a post on my blog linking it to here! Thanks! Hoping you have a happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

We have some of the same goals, Carmen! (Though I want to lose WAY more than ten pounds!) Maybe we can encourage each other in this area in the next year. Hey, I'm also wondering if you'd share about the e-mail Bible studies you mentioned. I'd be game to be an accountability partner if you'd like.


~Kelly in MN

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