January 3, 2011

A Clean Slate

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Literally!  These past few weeks have been full of joy, fun and merriment that goes along with the holidays!  These past few weeks have also been painful!  In the wallet and with our patience.  The week and a half before Christmas our septic tank needed to be pumped.  The Sunday before Christmas our furnace went kaput.  We lived with the warmth from our propane fireplace and heaters for 4 days.  The Thursday before Christmas we had a shiny new furnace installed; along with a shiny new bill to pay in the coming year.  Then a few days before the end of the year our computer was hit with a virus.   A bad one.  So bad that my techie hubby was not able to combat it.  So bad that he had to save what he could on disks (on New Year's Eve while we watched The Sound of Music--love that movie!) and then make it a clean computer on New Year's Day...when he was going to be finishing up scoring school papers and final touches on Sunday School lessons.  So we have a computer that is much better now ... even better than this time last year!  But...we have lost so much.  He was able to save pictures that I had yet to upload to Kodak.  I am so happy about that!  He was able to save all of his church and school documents that were very important.  What he couldn't save and I didn't realize it until this afternoon is we have lost last year and this years' school records.  I have a paper copy from this year, but I will have to go through every. single. workbook for last year and re-record it.  (I think I'll wait until a lazy summer day to tackle that one!)  Lost are all of my lists and charts for school, chores, recipes (not sure about my BigOven recipes...hubby's checking on that), Christmas card lists, Christmas letters from past years, all of my blog folder belongings, personal items, past e-mails (including addresses), etc.  I am sorry to babble on so, but I'm really bummed by this loss.  So...

On we start the year new...with a clean slate!  I am trying to look at it on the upside that when suggested in Motivated Mom's planner to clean out old e-mails and files I don't have to worry about it for quite a while.  I'm all set!  *wink*

How are ya'all doing on your goals for the year?  I'm plugging away at mine.  I thought I'd take a moment to share my plans for the blog this year.  In keeping with my goal to spend more time with family (as well as my other goals), my posting here may be a bit less often compared to last year.  If there are a few days that are post-less, don't be alarmed.  I'll still be here and on Facebook, too.  I'll still share yummy recipes, I plan to continue the Queen of the Castle series, share a few shameless pictures of my kiddos, share a craft every now and then, but in less volume.  My children were so happy that I spent a lot less time on the computer during Christmas break.  They weren't looking forward to school starting back up for the semester.  Not just because of less play time, but because "Mom'll be on the computer more"...ouch!  So...since my babes are a priority (after the Lord and my hubby) I need to make sure they feel that they are a priority. 

I look forward to the coming year and finishing the important tasks set before me.  What important tasks/goals are you looking forward to this year?  Please share!  Let's encourage one another!

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Philippians 3:14  "I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."


L2L said...

ahhhh, good to hear God speaking the same message to other mom's!!! I've decided to make my blog more of a personal documentation of my own personal journey to get organized more than trying to appeal to a reading audience. My man goal this year is to take my 9yr old son through My Utmost for His Highest and will post journal posts I create for him daily. My mottos for this year is Less computer time = more family time. Time to get re focused, p.s I'm saving up for Big Red Oven and hope to add that to my arsenal of planning tools by late Feb!!!! Happy New Year and thanks for the reminder to back up my computer files!!!!!

Lisa Grace said...

Here's to a new year of well allocated time and focusing on the most important things :)

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