January 27, 2011

Elfen Magic

Today at hubby's school is "Holidays" Day.  You can see what else he was Tuesday and Wednesday HERE and HERE.) They can be whatever from whichever holiday they choose. I got some pretty good suggestions on the blog and Facebook, but my resources were low for what I'd need.  After chatting with a friend we came up with this ensemble.   Thanks, Amy, for the use of the hat!  Oh, and thanks to my Hannah, too, for the use of her candy striped leggings.  Those two parts make the outfit!  And yes, he's wearing some blush on his cheeks and nose.  I think he's a cute little elf.  Er, I mean cute ginormous elf!  Just call him "Leon".  (Get it? Noel spelled backward.)  

I thought I was off the hook tomorrow since it's Blue and Yellow Day.  He'll wear his school t-shirt, but he now wants me to paint one side of his face blue and the other yellow.  I have another idea.  You'll have to wait and see.  *wink*

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