January 25, 2011

This Old Man

This week is "Spirit Week" were my hubby teaches.  It's Homecoming week and each day is a dress up day.  Yesterday was "Pajama Day" so he had the horrible trouble of teaching in his p.j.'s.  He wore lounge pants, t-shirt, robe, and slippers.  Rough life, I know.  Ha! 

Today is "Time Warp Day".   He could dress up as somebody from the past or future, a character, Bible figure, etc.  His options were limited and using what we had around the house he went as a retiring school teacher.  Guess what I had the fun of doing this morning?  Hair and makeup!  First I used white acrylic paint and a q-tip to apply the white paint on his eyebrows, beard and mustache, and strategically around where his hat would be.  Then I used some eyeliner (brown was all I had, gray would have been better) to make fake wrinkles.  It was all actually kind of fun for 6:30 in the morning!


Isn't he a cute 'lil 'ol man?

Tomorrow is "Animal Day".  I need to come up with something and I'm hoping you all have some great ideas!  Please!!  E-mail me, post a comment here or on Facebook.  Anything!  I need ideas! 


Anonymous said...

Animal from the muppets???

Leah said...

You did a great job! Looks very believable! Will be watching for an animal picture today.

Karla said...

Very nice! I likely wouldn't have known that was Nathan!

Unknown said...

Now you know what you get to look forward too. :)
You did a great job!
Marie :)

Terry said...

Being a schoolteacher could he get away with dressing as a zoo keeper?

brianandcourt said...

my initial thought is a lion. lots of easy animal costumes begin with a hooded sweatshirt, should he have any of those. :)

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