February 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Week 1

I know, I know, you looked at that list and thought "How in the world am I going to get all that done in one week?", didn't you?   That's what I thought, too.  Just imagine how nice it will be to have the bedrooms and hallway clean by the end of the week?  It'll feel really good!  Just do a bit at a time...like doing all closets on the list at one time, all ceiling fans on the list at one time, etc.  Break it up into doable lists. Go through and decide what you need to get done this week and divide it up into however many days this week you have time.  A lot of the items on the list are done on a regular basis on the Motivated Mom's Planner.  If you've been keeping up with that then you don't have to do as much. *wink*  Go HERE to order the planner.  It's only $8!

I have the entire five week Spring Cleaning Check-List over HERE for you to print out.

I'll go through the list and share ideas for this week's chores...


 declutter room & closets -- use 3 trash bags to divide up clutter (trash, donate, keep) and work around the room clockwise from the door

 clean ceiling fan  -- if your ceiling fan is really dusty then you may want to use the hose from your vacuum to suck off  excess dust before you use a damp rag (I save old towels and dish rags as they get unsightly from the kitchen and bathrooms cut them up to usable sizes)

 wash bedding/turn mattress -- air dry your quilts and mattress covers outside if it's a nice day

 vacuum corners/ceiling (closet) -- work from top to bottom

 vacuum valances

 clean off and dust furniture

 vacuum under bed and furniture, baseboards

vacuum lamp shades
 wash windows -- I use either the blue ammonia product or vinegar and water in a spray bottle.  I like to spray the window, wipe the window with crumpled up newspaper to loosen the dirt then wipe with a sheet of paper towel, then spray again and use a squeegee as a final non-streak step.  It really doesn't take as long as it seems and it has quite the nice result.

    vacuum floor 

  wash marks from walls -- You can use either a Magic Eraser or some baking soda/water paste on a dampened rag to wipe away difficult marks.  Be sure to follow after with a clean damp rag...both processes leave a residue.
(Make a separate list for each room for checking-off purposes if you like.)

 declutter room & closets

 clean ceiling fan

 wash bedding/ turn mattress

 vacuum corners/ceiling (closet)

 vacuum valances

 clean off and dust furniture

 vacuum under bed and furniture, baseboards

 vacuum lamp shades

 wash windows

 vacuum floor

 wash marks from walls


 vacuum ceiling and corners

  wash lights and walls (Be careful not to clean the lightbulbs when they are hot.  Not only is it dangerous, but the coolness of the rag may blow the bulb.  Not that I would know from experience or anything. a-hem)

 dust pictures  -- I usually just use the soft brush attachment on the vacuum or a feather duster. If the glass is really bad I might use a paper towel dampened with window cleaner.

 vacuum hampers, baseboards

 vacuum floor and landing

Think of how clean and nice these rooms will look and feel when you're done!  You'll be a fifth of the way done with finishing your Spring Cleaning! 

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