February 16, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

So far in our weight loss chats I've given you tips on portion control, water intake, not snacking after dinner, and moving more while eating less.  How have you all been doing?  Have you noticed a difference in your energy?  I have!  I have been getting more done around the house. 

This week I want to touch on something that may be bit sensitive to some, but how much time do you spend sitting watching TV or sitting at the computer?  I read an article recently that discussed a link between computer addiction to depression.  I also recently read that watching more than two hours of television a week is not good for brain health.  Ouch!  I did not want to hear all that!  Think about it, though.  How many homes have televisions in the living room, family room, kitchen and each bedroom?  It's unhealthy to fall asleep while watching television (read it in another study), besides if the television's on there's not much time for nurturing your relationship with your spouse.  Did you know that when sitting watching the television your brain actually slows down?  Think of all the things you could accomplish around the house instead of vegging out in front of the television or at the computer (reading, playing games, etc.)?  You could get that mountain of laundry tackled, the kitchen tidied up, a craft accomplished, a mile of in-home walking done!  Try monitoring your family's vegging time as well.  Do fun activities together like playing games (non-computer games!), reading books, making fun healthy snacks, and exercise! 

So let's recap.  Portion control.  Water (8 - 8 oz. glasses a day).  NO after dinner snacks.  Move more...eat less.  Less TV/computer time.

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