March 12, 2011

Help ... Please?

One of my husband's students is going to Kathmandu, Nepal for a missions trip this summer.  She and a group will be witnessing and sharing the love of Jesus with young girls in rehabilitation centers that have been saved from human trafficking. Most of these girls are in bondage due to their social status as a Dalit.  In their Hindu society a Dalit is lower than human.  They aren't to be touched or spoken to by any one in a higher class.  They are left homeless, without food or protection.  The only hope they have is the love of a Savior that the rehab center and missionary teams share with them.  Our family will be helping her in her endeavor.  Would you consider helping her as well?

If you would like to help her on her way there is an online site with more information and a helpful online donation button.  I don't feel comfortable posting it here for all to see so please e-mail me HERE for information.

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