April 19, 2011

Good Reads

Hey all.  I have to apologize for lack of content here on the 'ol bloggy.  I'm almost out of my 1st trimester so things should pick back up a bit around here soon.  One of my kiddos asked me yesterday when I was going to cook "real" food again.  LOL!  Lately with lack of energy and nausea I've been fixing easy, quick, and sometimes frozen pre-made foods.  They have big help in making some breakfast items and lunch so that's been a huge blessing!  I have several recipes and things I'd like to share so look for them soon.  (hopefully!)  One of which will be baby goats!  Skippy hasn't kidded yet, but any day now!  I'll be sure to post a few pics when she has those precious babes!  (We think there's two, anyway!)

I thought I'd share a few gems that I found today. 

First go visit Simplebites for a great post on saving money in the kitchen!  

Then go take a gander at Susan Branch's website!  I love her artwork!  Lots of cute things on this site!

Then lastly...the best post I read today!  Over at Aunt Ruthie's!  Go visit Sugar Pie Farmhouse for a wonderful Easter Blessing!

I know I still have yet to post the Queen of the Castle post...perhaps today?  *sigh*

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