April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday!  We are so thankful for all that he does for our family.  He works hard as a teacher and a pastor.  He also works on Saturdays at a power equipment shop, and this summer he'll be at a friend's house working on a construction job for them.  He also finds time to do many things around our homestead; fixing things, building things (recently goat milking areas, chicken coops, a porch swing for me), and most importantly spending time with his family. 

The kiddos enjoy their one-on-one time with him when he takes turns bringing one child along on an errand to the store, to get hay, and sometimes to his job at the power equipment store.  He's very busy, but he always finds time for our family.  He enjoys taking us camping.  Last summer he taught the kiddos how to fish.  They didn't catch much for their efforts, but it sure was fun!

He is very helpful to me.  When he knows I don't feel well (which is a lot lately) he'll bring home something yummy for me as a treat.  He'll stop and get pizza for the third time in a week because I'm not well enough to make anything and it's the only meal that sounds good to me.  He'll let me sleep in in the morning so that I don't have to get up and pack his lunch.  He'll bathe kiddos if I am having a bad day and brush out all the (little) girls' hair if I ask him to (that's quite the task sometimes!).   

He doesn't buy much for himself.  He'll go by with one pair of jeans so that he can pick up a pair of shoes that one kiddo needs.  He'll wear the same dress shoes for over two years and shine them up regularly (even though the soles are wearing down) so that he can buy something else for one of the kiddos.  He goes by with so little so that we can have so much. 

He'll even dress up crazy for his students at school!  He enjoys teaching and is a wonderful mentor to them.

I can't do justice in words explaining how much we all love him.  We are so thankful for all that he does and how caring and loving he is. 

We love you!  Happy Birthday, Honey!

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