April 16, 2011

Jelly Bean Easter

A friend sent this to me a while back and I will use it with my kiddos. I thought I would pass it along. Easter Blessings!

I wanted something simple that would show what Easter means, And I found what I was seeking in a bag of jelly beans. In the colors of the candies of this well-known Easter treat We will taste the Easter message, and we’ll know God’s love is sweet.

The people waved green victory palms. “Hosanna, Lord,” they cried, As Jesus entered Jerusalem on His triumphal donkey ride.

The Passover celebration with its matzah, herbs, and lamb Pointed back to days of Moses and the merciful I AM. Jesus used the purple wine and broken bread to help us see That it also pointed right at Him. “Do this. Remember Me.”

Orange flames lit up the garden where Jesus had gone to pray, The fire of the torches burned as the men led Him away. Another flame was burning in the courtyard where they tried Him, Where Peter heard the rooster crow after he had denied Him.

Red was the blood that Jesus shed – from stripes upon His back, From crown of thorns and driven nails – each drop to buy me back.

At noon, that day, the sky turned black. The light refused to shine.
God left His Son to die alone, for your sin and for mine.
Friends wrapped Him in white linen with love and care and tears. Secret followers who had learned true love casts out all fears.

Pink reminds me of the women who had watched Him on the cross. Remembering the burial place and feeling such great loss, They left the tomb prepared the spice, and planned to come again For one final act of worship to this One who’d been their Friend.

The yellow sun rose early on the Resurrection Day For Jesus Christ had risen, too. The stone was rolled away.

The message that was given still cries out to us today: “Come and see; then go and tell.” With us, He’ll always stay.

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