April 29, 2011

More Birthday Fun!!

Today is my oldest's birthday.  I can't believe he's ... gulp ... 14 years old today.  I remember the day very well.  After hoping for an au naturale birth I had been induced for a few days. Yep...a few days.  *sigh*  But no contractions until the third day when I had some killer contractions that sent his heart rate crashing.  They stopped the pitocin and his heart rate went back up.  A c-section was scheduled.  I was so happy to finally see him!  He was due April 9th and finally arrived on April 29th!  Such a great end to a miserable month! 

Over the years he has brought us so much joy and happiness.  He's got a great sense of humor and a kind heart.  He's so helpful in many areas around the homestead.  He takes care of his many chickens and helps his younger brothers take care of their chicks.  He helps with the goats when needed; unloading straw and hay and staying up all hours of the night to goat sit with me. *smile*  He helps his dad with all sorts of manly things around the house (insert Tim Taylor grunt here). 

He enjoys drawing, ornithology, photography, reading, creating with Legos, and building with wood.  He's a fun kid to be around.  He knows how to make us laugh with his many antics, facial expressions, voices, and quirky dance moves. 

He's such a sweet and caring big brother.  He loves to help his smaller siblings any way he can.  He's helpful in the kitchen, too!  He likes to make french toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast many mornings. 

We love you so much, Noah!  We are so blessed to have you!

Happy Birthday!!

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