June 9, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

With most of the kiddos finished with their school year it can get quite noisy around here.  Between loud play and a little bickering here and there it can drive one's ear drums a little crazy.  This week the summer reading program started at our library.  We came home yesterday after library time and from then on it's been super quiet around here. 

There are prizes for reading for so many minutes (I think for littles it's 3 hours and for the older kiddos it's around 6 or so).  Several kiddos have already read their required reading to get their first prize...a bouncy rubbery yoyo toy. (Other prizes are books, book bags, etc.) The older kids have a prize of a ticket to win an ipad.  Hey, if it increases their reading interest for a little while I'm all for it! 

Of course some of them have figured out that if they read to their younger siblings they can get time in for them and their sibs as well!  Win win!

Summer reading programs are a great diversion from the lure of the television when one might get "bored".  If you don't have a reading program at a library in your area (most do) then I urge you to make your own guidelines and fun prizes!  I'm thinking of continuing on with some incentives once the school year starts. 

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