June 5, 2011

An Organizational "Do Over"

I'm sure I'm not alone when I think "Man, I wish I could have a "do over"!".  Can I get an "Amen"?!  With pregnancy, school craziness, a busy hubby and a passel of kiddos to care for and love on I find my days over with before they even start and thinking "Where did the day go?  Can I have a "do over"?".  Summer has begun and I am feeling much better.  Things aren't as put together as I'd like.  The garden is half way in.  I have more flowers to put in pots (our local supermarket had a great hanging basket deal so I'm re-potting them in my front porch pots...I know, I'm cheap!).

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I have closets that need to be sorted through.  There are clothes that need to be given to Goodwill, clothes that need to be rotated from one kiddo to the next, and probably some clothes that should be thrown away.  You should see my recliner in the master bedroom.  Well, I'd really rather you not see it, but just imagine the piles of clothes on it along with the cedar chest.  *sigh*  It's bad.  It's full of clothes that don't have hangers because there aren't any more to go around.  I refuse to buy more until I weed out the ones we no longer need.  Oh and I also have a tote of regular clothes that have been thrown in there to make room for the maternity clothes that I will wear this summer and also maternity clothes that have to be given away because they're so out of date or I'm just tired of looking at the same striped shirt for the 8th pregnancy. Seriously! 

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 As I type this the desk is a war zone.  I have some workbooks to score and grades to enter in the computer before I can officially say a few kiddos are done for the summer.  I have a few kiddos who are taking a bit longer to be done with their schooling so I have score keys, books, folders, etc. making their home on the desk.  I also share this large desk with hubby who has papers to grade and exams to score.  Along with a gob of church books, VBS material, etc., etc., taking space on the desk that could be oh so lovely.  

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Yes, I'm just venting.  No, I don't expect life to be perfect.  I'm just asking for a "do over" in a few areas of life and I'm hoping to achieve them this summer.

So...back at the ranch (I had a highschool teacher who would say that when things got off topic)...I plan to begin my "do over" with better time management. I've strayed from my many plans.  I'm printing out the next month's worth of the Motivate Moms calendar.  You can read a post about it HERE, along with another wonderful time management system. 

Like I always say..."It's good to have a goal!"  Right?


Unknown said...

I could have written this post myself!! I got my daughter off for the summer, school is over, the calendar clear for nearly 2 weeks...

I have my tennis shoes on and about to get my apron on and get'er done! I plan to re-work nearly every area around here - including the menu, bills, etc.

Have a blessed week!

Unknown said...

I should add... "Lord willing!" I HOPE to get it done!

Jenn said...

Wow! Just what I have been stressed out about. You don't know what a blessing this post is. It's nice to know your not the only one, you know?!?

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

So glad I'm not alone!! I'll be praying for you ladies!! *hugs*

SparingChange said...

Welcome to my world...and we dont even have kids yet. :-) Somehow, it is still pure chaos and unorganization! :-)

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