July 20, 2011

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Well my last name's not Sandiego, but I bet you've been wondering where I've been.  We had a week of Vacation Bible School in which I was the meal planner, part server, part cleaner-upper, and part cook.  It plum wore this preggo mama out!  Then...this week we've had 4-H judging!  If you're a Facebook fan you've gotten the low-down on the ribbons that our oldest four carted home.  I haven't shared any photos there, yet. So let's do a little run-down, shall we?

Saturday Isaac (age 8) participated in the Goat Doe Show with his lovely little doeling, Pixie.  

They won Blue, Honor, and Reserve Champion ribbons!

Then on Monday we had Foods judging.  The competition is always tight in the foods division!  Sometimes you'd think their lives depended on it!  Phew!  But...we always have fun and take the judges suggestions to heart to make the projects better next year.

Isaac won Blue and Honor ribbons for his Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!

 Hannah (age 10) won a Blue ribbon for her Fudge Cake.

Rebekah (age 12) won a Blue ribbon for her Honey Yeast Rolls.

Noah (age 14) won a Blue ribbon for his Cinnamon Sugar Tea Braid.

(I will be sharing their recipes with you soon!  Promise!!!)

Later that afternoon Isaac was judged for his Lego creation.  He won a Blue ribbon for his waterfall with woodland critters and men swimming and canoeing.

The next day, Tuesday, they had Arts & Crafts and Sewing judging.

Hannah and Rebekah won Red ribbons for their hand stitched pillows.  (Snaffoo...the office said the backing could be sewn on by machine as long as the blocks were hand stitched together.  The judge said no.  Ah well...next year.)

Noah won a Red ribbon for his pencil drawing of a cheetah.  He learned some good tips to improve next year's entry. 

Rebekah and Hannah won Blue ribbons for more arts and crafts projects.  Rebekah's was a stitched baby mobile and Hannah's was a set of stitched felt cupcakes in a tin setting on a pot holder she made.

After lunch we set off for the other building for Sewing judging.  It's so funny how the environment was so quiet.  Stiff competition there, too!  Phew!

Hannah won Blue and Reserve Champion ribbons for her sewn tote bag!

Rebekah won Blue and Reserve Champion ribbons for her quilted table runner!

We have one more 4-H item to be judged, but that's not until Fall Fair when Noah shows his prize hen, a Buff Orpington.  I am so proud of our children and all that they've accomplished.  The girls started sewing last fall with a dear friend from church so I am blown away at how well they've done in such a small amount of time!  I can't wait for fall to display Rebekah's wonderful runner on our table! (Assuming she lets me!  LOL!)

This weekend we also had some more wonderful excitement!  My hubby was able to help baptize our two oldest children!  The best thing ever!  They have loved the Lord since they were little. To see them walk with Him and make this commitment to show everyone that they are followers of Christ is such a wonderful step in their lives into adulthood!  Following are a few pictures from the event!  (We had the baptism in an elder's pool.)

 Noah and Rebekah giving their testimonies.

Noah getting baptized.

Rebekah getting baptized.

 Afterward.  (Left to right) Pastor Shaun, Noah, Nathan (their daddy), and Rebekah.

It was a wonderful day!!

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Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

Wow!! Your precious children have been busy bees!! I know you must be so incredibly proud of them all. I hope you are doing well my friend! :)

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