August 27, 2011

Tomatoes and Green Beans!

I had thought I would spend my Saturday crafting, but hubby and some kiddos came in from the garden this morning with buckets full of produce.  Tomatoes and green beans to be exact!  Since he's such a cool hubby he got started helping me in the kitchen!

First we did the tomatoes.  He washed them and got the water boiling to blanch them.  I was in charge of that since I could sit on the stool to take care of that business (I had just made eggs, biscuits and rolls for breakfast so I was tired!)

Abby and Lydia wanted to help so they took the bowl of tomatoes to the sink with a water and ice bath to cool them down.

 Then they would take the tomatoes over to daddy to be strained in our Norpro Sauce Master

We haven't packaged the sauce up yet.  It'll be going into quart size freezer bags once it cools.  I imagine we'll have at least 15 quarts of sauce!  We'll use it for chili and stew!

Next we took care of the green beans.  They brought in several ice cream buckets full of beans!

They were having a lot of fun!

Many hands make light work!  Eli, however, was eating most of the green beans he snipped!

I was "quality control" for Abby's green beans.  It was hilarious how she snipped them!  

I blanched, cooled (in an ice water bath), and packaged up 9 quarts of green beans!  I can't wait to make green beans and bacon!


sweetybird09 said...

Looks like you had a great team work going with all the tomatoes and green beans...

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

It's amazing how fast it goes when everyone works together!

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