September 29, 2011

Breakfast Routine

I'm really not a big fan of buying boxed or bagged cereals.  They are mostly pumped full of yucky stuff for my kiddos and if they're not then they are very expensive.  Besides, my kiddos can plow through a box of cereal like locusts on corn.  However, we all have different seasons in our lives and so buying bagged cereal is one thing during this pregnancy that had become a common occurrence.  It's nice to know that it's in the pantry in case we have a busy morning.  Most mornings, however, my dear sweet kiddos have been very helpful in that case.  I have no energy to stand at the counter and whip up a breakfast to feed our troops after being outside milking a goat.  Nor do I really want to look at a raw eggs, drippy pancake batter, or uncooked wet oatmeal in the morning.  Makes this preggo mama a little queasy at times. In comes the gang...

My oldest two are very adept at pancakes, scrambled eggs, making oatmeal, whipping up a smoothie.  The oldest four are pros at making muffins in the afternoon for the next day's breakfast. My middle three are very happy to crack eggs to whip up scrambled eggs or get ingredients for the older kiddos.  Sometimes the pancakes are a bit runny in the middle, sometimes someone puts a bit too much cheese in the eggs, but that's fine.  They are learning and being a big help to me and our family so we'll roll with the punches.

Since I posted our month of October's dinner menu yesterday I thought I'd share our usual breakfast routine with you in hopes that it may give you some oomph to do something other than cold cereals if you're stuck in that rut.

Saturdays -- Saturdays are usually low-key for us.  Usually we have nowhere to go so we can take our time on breakfast.  If my hubby's home we'll make a big breakfast of Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, Baked Eggs, and Apple Puff Pancakes.  If he's not home then the kids may do something simple like French Toast and fruit.

Sundays  --  On Sundays we're pressed for time since we get up earlier than any other day of the week to try to make it to church on time.  Most Sundays we'll have one of the following: Overnight Coffee Cake, Bananaberry Muffins, or Sour Cream Blueberry Bread  (all prepared the night before).

Weekdays -- The kiddos will take turns making various breakfast dishes.  Pancakes with Homemade Blueberry Syrup, Scrambled Eggs, Yogurt Smoothies with Granola, French Toast, Breakfast Cups, and Baked Oatmeal.

Now...I have to add that we do have boxed and bagged cereal on hand, which is usually reserved for Wednesday mornings.  We have piano lessons that start early on that day so we need to get up and around.  If we have time on Tuesday and plan ahead one of the kiddos will whip up something for the next morning.

I realize not all of you have the situation that we have.  We homeschool so our days are a little more relaxed and we aren't held to a time schedule based on the school bus and when the school day begins. We also have a troop to help prepare meals and you may be one your own.  Either way with a little pre-planning your breakfast can be more than boxed cereal.

Short on morning prep time?  Follow these tips:

*Mix up the wet and dry portions of a recipe the night before.  That will work well with most of the recipes.

*Have a jar of pancake mix all ready to go on the counter. 

*Mix up a few batches of baked oatmeal's dry ingredients packaged up and in a container to cut down on prep time. 

There are more breakfast ideas on the the Breakfast Page of the blog.  Go HERE or click on BREAKFAST tab at the top of the blog under the header.


Grace McHugh said...

We are not fans of cereal either, however..............we try to make our Sundays as restful as possible so we typically have cereal for Sunday night dinner. My children think it is the most amazing thing. I have fresh fruit to go on it and do try to get the best cereal, if there is such a thing. It makes for a fun dinner and everyone is relaxed and happy.

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

I'm all for relaxed and happy! : )

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