September 20, 2011


How 'bout some fun?! 
I know, the giveaway was fun and I'm just an all around fun kinda gal, what more fun could we have, right? *wink* 
But...I thought it would be neat to see if we can get to  
1000 Facebook fans by my birthday October 8th
   I have a giveaway planned for that time, anyway, but if we get to 1000 fans it'll really be fun! So...share away with friends and family who need a great site with fairly simple recipes that have been taste tested by some of the pickiest eaters!
 If you haven't yet become a Facebook fan you're missing out on some extra fun!  I post a question, kitchen or craft tip, and links to other fun kitchen or craft sites daily!  Click on the Facebook button below to take you there!
 Sound like a plan?  Great! Now go share away! 

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