October 15, 2011

Bay Leaves!

Yes!  Bay leaves!  If your house has been invaded with "lady bugs", which are actually a sort of beetle, then bay leaves are your solution!

My dear friend, Karla, over at the The Culinary Enthusiast told me last year to put a bay leaf in each windowsill and the lady bugs would stay away.  I never got around to trying it because I was always out of bay leaves and could never remember to pick some up at the grocery.  Well this fall I remembered!  I bought a bottle of bay leaves for less than $2 and let me tell you I am enjoying a house free of lady bugs!  Yes, we have a few strays on occasion, but this old farmhouse kitchen sometimes had at least a dozen crawling around the kitchen window alone.  It was awful!  This year...wonderful! 

Now if could just do something about some pesky spiders that have been invading... I think I have a solution for that, too!  I'll share it with you if/when I get the secret ingredient needed!

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Intentional Living Homestead said...

Thank you for this tip...will definitely be keeping it in mind for next year...I think they are hibernating right now.

But rats, mice..RAT TAC...I discovered...thank you, thank you!!!

Spiders...not sure LOL.

Have a great weekend

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

RAT TAC? Hmm...I don't think I've heard of it. Our Amish neighbors have a gazillion barn cats that help with the mice and rats for the most part.

I think the spiders are going away peacefully. We put traps out and caught a ton. Maybe the rest took the hint?! LOL!


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