October 25, 2011

Craft Room Update

A while back (over a month ago!) I shared my frustrations with you HERE that I didn't have a space for crafting.   I've done a bit of shopping, spray painting, tweaking and I think I have a good start. 



I spray painted an old chair burgundy and added a black seat cushion. Under the table I put a repurposed burgundy floor rug to keep my feet warm in the winter! 

I found a set of three wall baskets at Shipshewana Flea Market.  I hung them with masonary nails.  Hubby knows I love old timey things (yes, I think I just made up a word) and since masonary nails look old timey he picked some up for me at the hardware store.  

I hung these little keys on the basket with torn homespun fabric.

  The lamp base was green so I spray painted it black and gave the shade a little face lift.  I punched holes at (fairly) even intervals around the shade  and then with the same black and tan homespun I wove it through.

Then I filled in the spaces with black buttons.  I used glue dots to affix them. (I love glue dots!)

This is the door to my craft closet.  I put black and white pics of some of the kiddos on each side of the door.  I plan on adding a few more here and there. The sign above the door says "Inspiration Station"! I also put another black basket on the wall.  It was a brown basket I bought for a quarter at a garage sale a while back so I spray painted it!  (Most of the baskets are empty still...I'm sure they'll be filled in no time with fun crafty things!)

This is the inside of my closet.  Hubby built those wonderful shelves for me last year for Christmas!  

More shelf space!  See the ladder there?  It's on my craft to-do list.  I'll share that with you when I get it done!

I am thinking about hanging some grapevine garland around the craft "room" above the doorways and add some pip berries and white lights.  Not sure, yet.  What do you think?  Anything ya'll can think of to make this craft are a haven?


Karla said...

Yay for spray paint!!! Looks good!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Wow, that is wonderful...and who every invented paint...thank you!

sweetybird09 said...

You did a great job, and I am glad that you have a space that you can call your own!

Pat M said...

A very crafty makeover! I love that desk and your closet is awesome! Hugs, GraceinAZ

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Thanks everyone! Grace, actually that desk is a side table that I got at a church garage sale for $10! Super score!!

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