October 10, 2011

Time Management

Unless your name begins with "M" and ends in "artha" you probably need a little help staying organized and motivated. I have two simple programs that have worked wonders for me!

Tell Your Time by Amy Andrews
  • Ever set a goal with excitement and enthusiasm only to lose your oomph almost as soon as you started?
  • Do you have life goals? Are you reaching them? If not, does the thought of compiling a list overwhelm you?
  • Are you working toward your dreams or does life keep you too occupied?
  • Are you confident you’ll get to the end of life and be happy with how you spent your days?
These are all issues that you'll tackle in Tell Your Time....just 30 pages and four easy steps!

Right now it's just $2.99 on Amazon for Kindle
(she also has printables on her site)
(click button below)

Once you have your priorities straight and goals made you need a 
way to fit in all the little odds and ends such as cleaning and keeping home.

Motivated Moms

  • Print out a once a month or once a week planner that includes a small checklist of chores for each day.
  • Appointment section, extra reminders area included.
  • Bible reading plans can be included as well.
  • No more "cleaning days"... just a few minutes a day will keep you caught up so you can enjoy other things in your life like family, creativity, etc.

Right now just $8 (printable) or $7.99 (for the app-- I LOVE the app!!)
 for an entire year's worth of motivation!

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