November 8, 2011

Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Little Helpers

 (This is a repost from earlier this year and I thought it was so appropriate with our new baby in the house and with the holidays coming up!)

Let the kiddos help out in the kitchen!* 

Little ones (ages 2-5) can scrub veggies, pass out napkins, help set the table.  

Older kiddos (ages 6-9) can help measure, shred (carefully!), stir, crack eggs, and oversee the littlest ones in their preparations.  

The oldest ones (ages 10 and up) can chop, read a recipe, prepare a dish by themselves, help with meal planning and even help with grocery shopping.  Help the older ones see the importance of unit pricing, buying in bulk, shopping sales and using coupons.  

It may be difficult and even stressful at first but after a while it will be such a blessing!  Meals and memories will be made.

The kitchen is the heart of the home!

*These are all guidelines and should be to the parent's discretion. 


L2L said...

Thanks for the reminder!! Jokingly I told my oldest son 10 that he was almost ready to go out on his own because he could cook an egg, boil water and make a grilled cheese sandwich and as soon as he could cook a dinner, he was on his own, lol!!!!

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

LOL! I hope that our sons' future wives appreciate our hard work! :)

Shay said...

Thanks for sharing! Visit me at for a giveaway and recipes!

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