December 20, 2011

Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Picky Eaters

Will you have picky eaters at your holiday table that will only eat mashes potatoes and won't touch another veggie?  Try steaming a bit of cauliflower ahead of time and then when the potatoes are mashing toss in some cauliflower.  They won't know what hit 'em!

* * *

Include your picky eaters in the making of the dishes (well, except for the potatoes if you add in that cauliflower *wink*).  They will be much more likely to enjoy eating a dish if they know what's in it.

* * *

If your child won't refuse to eat everything on his or her plate, compromise.  There are other days you can battle that dinner time ordeal head-on.  Think about may have company, there may be new dishes they don't like, they may not have gotten enough sleep and they may be on overload with all the noise and happenings of the day.  
Compromise is the key.  Have them pick a few things they will eat in order to head to the dessert table.  Let's say they have 3 veggies, a meat, and a roll.  Cut the meat portion in half (unless they love the meat!), break the roll in two, and have them pick a veggie they will eat (or a few bites of each kind).  I know some say to just let it all go during the holidays but that will make your January meal times much more difficult.  Especially if you intend to get back on track with healthy eating in the new year.

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