January 8, 2012

I Love My Hubby!

Even though he's been up to his eyeballs in papers and exams to grade since before Christmas break began he found the time to install a new faucet and vanity top in the main bathroom this weekend!


An old sink basin that is cracked and chipping in every place imaginable.  Plus the cold faucet handle falls off any time you touch it.  When we have company we always have to holler "Don't worry, you didn't break it!" when we hear it clunk into the sink and our guest say "Uh oh!".


Isn't it beaoootimus?!  We won a little shopping spree at our local hardware store so we got the Moen faucet for free!!  The vanity top was bought with combined gifts of Christmas money and an extra side carpentry and handyman job hubby did over break.
 I love it!  And I love him for installing it so soon!


Jessica said...

Your new sink looks great! Woohoo for free too. I had to laugh at your comment about guests dropping the handle!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Looks awesome...and free, even better.{smile}

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