January 6, 2012

Pancake Molds: The Easy Way!

I recently bought a bunch of pancake molds for a little bit of nothing at JoAnn's. It inspired me to make a nice breakfast of pretty shaped pancakes for the gang.  Recipe HERE.   I thought maybe ya'll would like to know how I did it!

I have to say that although I got a great deal at JoAnn's, they were a little on the cheap side; bent funny so that the batter seeped out the bottom.  It definitely pays to use the better kinds (I have a Pampered Chef star that works much better!)  I found these Star and Flower Pancake Egg Rings on Amazon.  They're Norpro brand so I have no doubt they will work well!

Just a few tips...

Spray the molds really well with non-stick cooking spray.  (You may need to spray them again after a few pancakes.)

Put the pancake batter in a squeeze bottle so you can have better control when putting the batter in the molds. 

Cook the pancakes on one side then, using the handle of the mold, flip the pancake over and tap it out of the mold.  (In most cases it should slide right out.)

To make the process quicker use 6-8 pancake molds at once

Try using cookie cutters!  (Not the ones with silicone handles, though.)  Put the cookie cutter upside down (the side that has the ridge) then when you flip it over (use tongs) you can tap it out of the cookie cutter easier.

Voila!  Lovely holiday style pancakes!

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