March 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning Series

This is a repost from last year.  I was going to write a new spring cleaning series, but why reinvent the wheel, right?  Read on and enjoy!


This month is what we've all been waiting for!  The month that we can finally say the "S" word.  No, not Snow...the good "S" word!  SPRING! 

There's a light at the end of the tunnel!  We can almost smell it!  Remember what it smells like?  Bliss!  The green grass, the fresh dirt to dig our hands into, the flowers!  Then there are the sounds.  The sounds; birds chirping, animals scattering about, lawn equipment breaking out of their winter homes.  You can almost hear the buds popping out of the barren tree limbs.  Oh and don't get me started on the sights of Spring!  The baby animals, the bulbs popping from the earth, the small light green buds peaking their way through the brown branches, the greener than green grass.  O.K. so I got started on the sights.  You know you wanted me to.  *wink*

With Spring comes all of the fun activities.  Going to the parks for picnics, long walks down lonely country roads, bike rides, playing outside, and just soaking all the yummy sunny goodness that we've been missing all winter long.

Since we've been cooped up all winter long along comes the "C" word.  *whispering*  "Cleaning" in "Spring Cleaning".  It's not as bad as it could be.  Really.  Before all those fun aforementioned sights, sounds, smells, and activities start beckoning you from your home we need to get a heads-up on the cleaning.  It's not that bad.  Really.  I'll hold your hand along the way. 

Staring today I will get you started on the easiest Spring cleaning ever.  Just do what I say every week and everything will be alright.  Pinky promise!  *wink*

Below you'll find my Spring Cleaning Check-List.   Each page is a week of spring cleaning chores.  In five weeks, by the end of March, you'll have your house sparkly clean and ready for Spring!  If you are using the Motivated Moms planner (post on it HERE and purchase it affordably HERE) you may skip over some of the items on the check-list since you're doing those items regularly on the list anyway.

Spring Cleaning Check-List

Each week on Monday I'll post my list on the blog and give you some tips and how-to's.  Are you ready?  Let's get started! 

Photo credits:  Country Living, Carmen Hyde

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Unknown said...

I came over from Barn Hop and enjoyed your blog. I don't spring clean, but I do summer clean. I was thinking today that I can't wait for mid May to get here so I can got through each room.

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