May 7, 2012

Fabulous Four!

I can't believe the four years ago today I gave 
birth to our beautiful Abigail Elizabeth!  

She has such big, beautiful blue eyes framed 
by long and lovely eyelashes.  

She has a giggle that's as contagious as can be.  

She loves her brothers and sisters, especially Lydia Grace.  

 She is Lydia Grace's shadow.  
Whatever Lydie does, Abby does.  

 She's super cute and spunky and 
we love her so terribly much!  

Happy Birthday little peanut! 


Shirlene said...

Happy birthday to your Abigail she is adorable. Her cake is sooooo cute. Looks like she had a wonderful day celebrating. God Bless.

A said...

What a adorable cake!! This is a cake Abigail will remember forever!

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