June 8, 2012

My Dad and an Etsy Sale!

My dad would have celebrated his 72nd birthday today!  Instead almost 8 years ago he went home to be with Jesus after a 5 month struggle with cancer.  We miss him so much!

He was such a wonderful grandfather to our kiddos.  He loved to get on the floor and roll around and tickle them.  He enjoyed going camping with us and going on walks with the kiddos.  One year we went camping in Door County in Wisconsin.  Dad had left a box of (a-hem) prunes out on the picnic table in our screen room one night thinking they'd be fine. Ha!  He was so surprised (and quite angry!) that a raccoon had pilfered his prunes!  He was so angry at that raccoon!  It was hilarious!

He loved old cars, trains, watching big boats and fishing.  When my parents would come for a visit he would rave over the meals.  It was always such an encouragement for me to find something new that dad would enjoy (which wasn't that difficult).  I think I spent two days before they came preparing items for recipes in the kitchen!  He made me feel so special like I was Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray!

He was also a very good father-in-law to my honey.  He treated Nathan like he was his own.  He enjoyed doing whatever silly antics Nathan had planned. One year when we lived in Maryland Nathan talked my dad into wading in the ocean.  Well dad didn't see a little hole in the sand that the current had made.  He stepped down wrong and splash! he went in face first in the water.  It was hilarious!  After my dad got over the fact that his wallet was wet he was laughing sooo hard!  He had a great sense of humor...that's obvious!

If my daddy were alive today I know he'd be raving over the handmade goodies that I make and sell.  He'd also jokingly give me ideas of soap fragrances.  I can hear him now..."weedy meadow, chainsaw oil, gasoline...you know... "manly" smells".  *smile*

Happy Birthday Daddy!

In honor of my daddy I'm having a sale at my etsy shop now until next week Monday (June 11th).  Use code DADDYSGIRL for an extra 20% off all etsy shop items...even special orders!

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MYSAVIOR said...

What a sweet tribute to your Dad.


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