August 13, 2012

B & B

Nope, not "Bed and Breakfast"..."Baptism and a Birthday!"

Yesterday I had the privilege of witnessing two of my babies get baptised! 

Hannah (age 11) and Isaac (age 10)

wanted to tell the world about their love of Jesus and to show that by being baptised! 

 (Hannah had to have her arm wrapped so it wouldn't get wet.  
We joked that she should have her arm baptised when it heals up!  LOL!)

My hubby (in the Bob the Tomato t-shirt) had the privilege of baptising them alongside our pastor. 

 (Love how his feet went up in the air!)

What a blessing it was to hear them tell the crowd of their love of Jesus, their thankfulness of His death on the cross for their sins, and their desire to follow Him. 

and now for the other "B"...

Happy Birthday to our Hannah Arline!!  We celebrated Saturday with family.  Rebekah made her cake (she loves making them and I love letting her!). 

Happy 12th Birthday, Hannah!  
We love you very much!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Happy birthday Hannah! What a wonderful blessing to see your children follow Jesus! Special for their Dad to have a part. Thank you for sharing!

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