March 27, 2013

Well howdy!

I know...MIA...again!  Sorry peeps! I've got a schedule planned out for this little 'ol bloggy so hopefully ya'll won't feel slighted again.  Forgive me?

Birthday time was upon us again this month.  Early in the month it was Lydia Grace who celebrated her 9th birthday.  (I'm feelin' really old lately! LOL!)

I know her hair is in her eyes...she's growing her bangs out and they fell out from behind her head band. :)

Everyone also had dental checkups, eye checkups, and then a few had to visit the orthodontist.  We three in retainers to fix overbites (thankfully only one will need braces!) and another one gets his retainer (again, for an overbite) in a few weeks!  That keeps us hopping!

This next week is our spring break so we'll be glad to have Nathan (hubby) home with us!  We have a lot of plans, though!  We have a basement to clean up!  It's the storage spot for decorations, extra food, our two freezers and extra fridge live down there, hubby has a look work room in their, and that's where I lay out my goat milk soap to cure so drying racks are always sprawled about!'s a mess!  

Pixie when she was a wee babe.  Now she'll be a mama soon!  *sniff,sniff*

We also have to work on the goat barn and pen.  It needs some expanding since our herd will be expanding! We have two Nubian dairy goats (Skippy and Pixie) who are due in a few weeks!  We're hoping for some adorable little doelings! 

Next week I'll be an Early Bird Reviewer for Gooseberry Patch's Game Day Fan Fare cookbook in which a recipe of yours truly appears! I also have a copy to give away to one blessed reader!  I'll be sharing some yummy recipes from the book, too! 

Tomorrow I'll share a recipe that you'll love to create with your kiddos for Easter! 

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