April 29, 2013

Life Update!

Hey all!

We've had birthdays, goat babies being born, and dance program rehearsals and three performances in the last few weeks!  Thanks for being patient and hanging in there with me!  Here's a little recap...

Pixie, one of our two Nubian dairy goats, and her little doelings (baby girls).  
We haven't named them yet.  
One hasn't figured out the whole nursing thing so 
she's bottle feed mama's milk that I milk out of her twice a day. 

One of our birthday boys, Isaac, (on the left) 
turned 9 and enjoyed a sleepover and thoroughly enjoyed 
the Colts hat his big brother gave him!

Our kiddos had their annual piano recital.  
They're pictured with their piano teacher.

Our two youngest girlies were Hebrew children in their dance program.  
It was about the story of Moses.  It was an awesome production!  
Rebekah (top right) and I were helpers in Abigail's class.

A close up of the girlies!

Rebekah made Noah, today's birthday boy, a cake.  
He's really 16, but got a kick out of the number
 5 candle she decided to put on it.
(We had a gathering with grandparents yesterday.)

I would say the Ray Rice t-shirt was a big hit!  
He's a big Baltimore Ravens Fan since he was born in Maryland.

Well that's about it for now!  After taking last week off for our crazy busy week, I'm back to getting signs for the shop completed.   I'll have a recipe for ya'll this week.  Pinky promise!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are your daughters in some kind of christian dance class? Is it near where you live? That is why my daughter does not do dance, because of the imodest outfits they wear.

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Yes, it's a dance ministry. We love it! They have devotions in class, always wear modest clothing and always dance to Christian music (praise, hymns, and contemporary).

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