August 15, 2013

Northern Michigan Fun!

Hey there!  We returned from northern Michigan last Friday and have been busy ever since!  Between our local Pickle Festival (deep fried pickles were deeelish!), Church, Small Groups, picking and canning peaches, pickles, blackberries, and grapes (tomatoes are soon to come) we've wondered when we will have time to sleep!  We're so thankful for how the Lord has provided for us, though!  Come winter we will be so happy to have our pantry full of yummy foods!  Also our third oldest turned 13 this week so we'll be hosting a sleepover tomorrow night and we have a wedding to go to the next day!  Yes, we're crazy like that! 

So...the promised recap of our camping trip with some good friends of ours!

We camped at Hoeft State Park (one of the oldest state parks in Michigan) for the week.

We had a lot of fun at nearby Roger's City enjoying fireworks and the breakwall.

We enjoyed some awesome Michigan made ice cream!
(Two thumbs up for the Bear Claw! ... Yes, he was saving some of his face for later!  LOL!)

We visited the largest limestone quarry in the Roger's City!


We also enjoyed nearby 40 Mile Point Lighthouse!

The wreckage from the Joseph S. Fay (1905) 

We had a lot of fun looking for rocks!  We found a few petoskey stones and some beach glass!

Samuel with his loot. 

Ocqueoc Falls was a hit with the kiddos as well!

We enjoyed some Mackinac City attractions such as Colonial Michilimackinac and the Fort.

Mill Creek was a lot of fun!  It's home to Michigan's first saw mill.  They've uncovered a lot of artifacts and rebuilt it all.

Our 11 year old Isaac got to help with the saw demonstration.  He had a lot of fun!

We also enjoyed some local fudge, a bit of shopping, relaxation and a lot of laughs!

It was a very fun vacation!

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mdoe37 said...

Well for heavens sake! My husband grew up in Rogers City and his father worked in the "hole" (as they call it). Lake Huron always throws me a curve as its on "the other side"...I'm 20 minutes from the one on this side....Lake Michigan.

Looks like you had a great trip!!

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