January 16, 2014

DIY Essential Oils: Lavender & Tea Tree

I asked the question on Old House Homestead's Facebook Page ...

"What would you like to know about essential oils?" 

Here are a few answers...
Lavender, while very helpful, has fallen a bit under scrutiny in the last few years.  I found a few articles pertaining to lavender being an estrogenic element and unsafe for little boys.  But as Mommypotamus pointed out it was a case of three boys.  They grew (very) small breasts during the time that they were using products that had lavender in them.  We have no proof that it was just the lavender and not any other chemical in the product.  There have been no studies about it since (as far as I can find).  So...to answer the question if lavender (or tea tree oil for that matter...because it's undergone some scrutiny, too) is estrogenic?  I have no idea.  And apparently neither does anyone else.

I caution on the Ingestion of any essential oil.  As with all products I urge you to do your research and don't take a companies word for it when they state something that sends a caution flag. Investigate!

Mountain Rose Herbs has a page of hazards, cautions, and guidelines.  I trust their information and you are welcome to peruse it. I don't think it is wise to blindly follow a companies products and not do some research about it. I use Google a lot!  And while you can't trust everything you read on line, odds are good that if you read the same info (regarding oils, anyway) on several sites it's safe to assume that it's close to accurate. (And still research some more!)  But to answer one of the questions of oils that are safe to use during pregnancy there is a long list on Mountain Rose Herbs' info page HERE. (I would steer clear of all essential oils in the first trimester.)

What about essential oils in soap and lotions? I, personally, don't put a lot of essential oils in my goat milk soap that I make for my shop (soap will be listed in the next week or so).  Just enough to give it a scent, but not enough for it to linger with you all day long.  Savvy?  I don't feel that my soaps are a hazard to pregnant women or to children.  I think the phrase "In all things moderation" is key when it comes to oils.  If you have a concern make sure you consult the company's list.  If you don't find a warning list for the brand of oils you use, then contact them. If they won't give you one, I'd suggest finding a different company. 

*  *  *

I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to essential oil use.  I'm still learning!  But what I can tell you is how a few oils have been super helpful in our home!

One of our girls had ringworm on her arm.  I was shocked and mortified!  My daughter?!!  After I got over the initial horror I did some research.  Lavender!  I swabbed it (undiluted) on her little friend (that's what we called it) in the morning and at night and in a few days it was gone!  

When the same daughter (poor child) was stung by a bee, we put lavender on her bite and it reduced the swelling and relieved the pain.

When I have trouble sleeping I'll diffuse a little lavender and clove. (Lavender is a very calming oil.) Hubby's not a huge lavender fan so I add a little clove to mask it. Besides, they smell awesome together!  I think I'll make some goat milk soap with lavender and clove!

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) 
When one of our teens has an acne problem I'll dab a drop of tea tree oil on their issues.  I'll also make sure they use our rosemary and tea tree goat milk soap on their faces (not bad to use it for their bodies either since their teenage bodies are producing oils like crazy!).  

One daughter had a wart and so we have been dabbing tea tree on it and it's going away rather well!  I know she prefers this method to freezing or burning it off at the doctor's office!

There are so many ways that essential oils can be used.  Do some research and research some more!

* * *
I'm not a licensed health care professional.  The information has been found through various books, websites and word of mouth.  What I use seems to work well for our family.
 *  *  *
I am an affiliate for Amazon and Mountain Rose Herbs.  While our family makes a smidge of income if you order through our links neither company has swayed my opinion.  Only their great products have!  

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