April 6, 2015

Menu Monday

Here's your weekly dose of menu inspiration!

Just a few notes...
Breakfasts vary...depending on what our schedule is, who gets up early and who wants to fix something.  For some breakfast ideas try HERE  or click on the breakfast tab under the header.
Lunch is usually leftovers, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, or some other kind of sandwich.

Monday  Roasted Ham, Popeye, and Smashed Potatoes, 30 Minute Dinner Rolls (recipe to come)

Tuesday  Chicken Burritos, Taco Rice, and fixins 

Wednesday  Creamy Chicken Sandwiches on Homemade Buns, Chips, Veggies and Dip

Thursday  Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Casserole, Fruit

Friday  Caesar Chicken Pizza, Chips and Dip 

Saturday  Grilled Bruschetta Chicken, Salad

Sunday Leftover pork from Monday (it was shredded and frozen after Monday's meal) in BBQ sauce (cooked in the crockpot) served on Homemade Buns with salad and fruit.

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