April 13, 2015

Menu Monday

Hey all!  We had several changes in our menu plan last week so some of the recipes used may be repeated from last week.  The biggest thing I've learned about menu planning is to be flexible!

Monday  Roasted Ham, Popeye, and Smashed Potatoes, 30 Minute Dinner Rolls (recipe to come)

Tuesday Chicken Burritos, Taco Rice (recipe to come), and fixins

Wednesday Grilled Hot Dogs, Texas Chili (recipe to come)

Thursday Breakfast Casserole (using left over ham), Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit

Friday  Homemade Pizza using Simple Dough

Saturday  Grilled Bruschetta Chicken, Salad

Sunday  Sloppy Joes (my Mother-in-law is bringing hers, but my recipe is very similar), Pasta Salad (recipe to come), Mac-n-cheese, Chips, veggies and dip

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